Salzburg cheers for Placido Domingo at “Luisa Miller” concert performance. Salzburg festival, August 25th, 2019.

The main mystery of the night was how enhusiastically numerous fans of Domingo will greet him upon entrance. The management probably had similar thoughts and decided to present all soloists before the beginning of the concert performance thus audience erupting in standing ovation and cheering at the Großes Festspielhaus for at least some 3 minutes. It seemed like well planned audience prompting activity with a first few cheerleaders. Me and a few dozen more decided to remain seated – first, it is not customary to greet performers in such way before the performance, regardless of their status, and secondly, even if admiring Domingo’s professional career over 50 years, current #MeToo case is mixing up his professsional and personal stories. We need to wait for results of investigation and then decide on the side to join.

The cast for the concert performance was superb, Piotr Beczala as Rodolfo becomes better with each appearance in the role, last night it was more emotional than The Met performance in the previous season. Mellow tone, ringing and unrestricted top notes, natural stage chemistry with partners – all you can wish your preferred tenor to deliver.

Nino Machaidze as Luisa was probably nervous in the beginning and overexerted quite a bit thus sounding more schrieky than usual. She calmed down and transformed into sensitive, heartbroken and innocent Luisa for part 2, and it was a pleasure to listen to her in the final scene.

Domingo still sounds like a bit tired tenor, and in the first scene where he meets Rodolfo they were singing just a tone apart. Nevertheless, he is compensating the misfit of the fach with actual immersion in the role, and his acting even in concert performance was very convincing.

Mezzo Yulia Matochkina as Federica had a softer voice than expected, sounded a bit quiet compared to other cast, but has very pleasant timbre. This effect also could be due to side of the auditorium seating and hall acoustics.

Tagliavini and Relyea were very good as Conte and Wurm, voices well balanced and great contributors to ensembles. The minor role of Laura was sung by Cecilia Molinari, and I was very pleased to learn that she has very pleasant timbre and good stage presence.

Mozarteum orchestra Salzburg was eager to respond to James Conlon batton, and delivered vivid and energetic reading of the score.

At the end of the performance the cast was cheered by standing ovations and loud shouting of praise for more than 10 minutes. Several audience members have approached the stage with their flower arrangements. The audience love expressions later continued at the stage door where the crowd of considerable size gathered.

The performance was really good with some minor shortcomings, I was very happy to hear Piotr Beczala who becomes one of the top performers on my to-go list, and wish all the best to Maestro Domingo in his challenging times ahead.

CONDUCTOR James Conlon 


Roberto Tagliavini Il conte di Walter 

Piotr Beczala Rodolfo 

Yulia Matochkina Federica 

Plácido Domingo Miller 

Nino Machaidze Luisa 

Cecilia Molinari Laura 

John Relyea Wurm 

Concert Association of the Vienna State Opera Chorus 

Huw Rhys James Chorus Master 

Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg 

One thought on “Salzburg cheers for Placido Domingo at “Luisa Miller” concert performance. Salzburg festival, August 25th, 2019.

  1. helgaelisabetta

    Thank you for your report. I saw Cecilia Molinari just a few days ago in Pesaro singing the role of Demetrio in the Rossini opera Demetrio e Polibio. I totally agree with your opinion; a very fine mezzo.voice.


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