I have launched opera exploration adventure in 2013 when the passion for opera converged with the passion for travel. As my work is very distant from arts, I have found immersion into opera world as inspiration and energy reload that is so crucial surviving in ever faster-spinning life.

This blog is intended to serve as documentation of my learning path in the opera world, and will contain posts primarily in English, which is my third language, thus please excuse some grammatical and stylistic discrepancies. The posts will capture impressions, feelings and observations along exploration journey and some side glimpses from travel like opera houses and cities where I go to see the most beautiful and complex form of arts. Most of the blog posts have been and will be created in airport lounges, usually with means available on convenient and portable iPad, thus editorially limited.

Pictures taken during curtain calls are usually my own, while official photos obtained from opera houses are respectively credited. If any credits are missing, I would appreciate notification in order to correct any discrepancy.

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