Repentance from eternal perdition: Tannhäuser at Deutsche Oper Berlin December 2, 2017


The performance of Tannhäuser was not my orginal intent when planning trip to Berlin, – Le Prophete the next day at Duetsche Oper Berlin was the point of focal interest, but the flight options permitted to squeeze another performance on the day of arrival, and from all available choices offered by Berlin opera scene, Tannhäuser was the best fit.

The production is already 9 years old, has experienced many different casts, but concept as well as stage still seems contemporary and conveys the story without too many clicheed approaches. The stage director Kirsten Harms here is at her best – another performance worth to see with considerate approach to the score and libretto, as well as smart usage of singing actors.


The cast for the evening had some interesting names, and the ensemble delivered spactacular performance despite some singers were annoounced as incapacitated. Emma Bell (above) delivered great, complex portrayal of fragile and determined Elisabeth, her voice souring above chorus and negotiating top notes with ease.

Markus Bruck was dramatically and vocally intense Wolfram, his acting in the last act most impressive. Ante Jerkunica as Landgraf Herman delivered convincing character.


Andreas Schager as Tannhäuser negotiated challenges of the role superbly, his voice is a great match for the role, being able to conquer top notes, go into dramatic piani, and complement excellent singing with meaningful acting. After the performance I have found out that I have seen him as Rienzi a few years ago in Riga, and he certainly is one of the Wagner tenors to watch out further on.



Richard Wagner. Tannhäuser and the Singers’ Contest at Wartburg

Romantic opera in three acts
First performed on 19th October, 1845 in Dresden
Premiered at the Deutsche Oper Berlin on 30th November 2008

Performance on December 2nd, 2017


Conductor Michael Boder

Director Kirsten Harms

Stage-design, Costume-design Bernd Damovsky

Assistance costume-design Inga Timm

Choreography Silvana Schröder

Choir Conductor Jeremy Bines

Landgraf Hermann Ante Jerkunica

Tannhauser Andreas Schager

Wolfram Markus Brück

Walther Clemens Bieber

Biterolf Seth Carico

Heinrich Gideon Poppe

Reinmar Andrew Harris

Venus, Elisabeth Emma Bell

Shepherd Nicole Haslett

Chorus Chor der Deutschen Oper Berlin

Orchestra Orchester der Deutschen Oper Berlin

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