Do you really need to blog about opera?

It has been some 5 years since I have rediscovered opera for myself and some 3 years of opera travelling with increasing intensity. I have always treated my hobby as it is: learning new things: exploring new venues, artists, composers, productions and operas; spending some time away from daily business routine and enjoying opera retreat with it’s emotions and discoveries. As more and more of my friends and colleagues started to inquire why I am so selfish and do not share any of acquired knowledge and experiences with them, and some of them explicitly nudging towards bloging as form of self-expression, I have finally given up and will try to make some effort towards documenting my learning path.

This summer has already started with very delightful Riga Opera Festival and yesterday opened Jūrmala festival, and I have just been in Berlin and Orange. There are trips to Munich and Salzburg during July and August, but the main operatic event of the year will be my first visit to The Met late September. Would those three planned trips be good reason to kick my writing skills?

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